Hello there Lindy,
Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing Party Games Pack. Our children really enjoyed using the array of resources you provided us with. Our 0-2 age group loved using the bean bags to toss into a bucket & basic target practice was a favourite. The jumping sacks and 3-legged bands were a bit challenging for our younger children, however the 4-6 group loved them! The animal tails were also a hit with our older children; they enjoyed chasing one another to pull the tails off. They also used these tails in our dramatic play and dress ups.

We will continue to use these wonderful items and would highly recommend these products.

Kind regards
Anita Hinds
Juniors At Wadalba
Preschool and Day Care

Hi Lindy
We had 28 children at a four day camp - boys and girls aged between 6 and 11. We used everything in the party pack over the 4 days and used the beanbags for 'rob the nest', learning to juggle, and part of an obstacle course.

The tiger tails came in handy as a make up bit of fun to fill in between rotations to 'donuts on a string', 'apple bobbing' and 'dunk the villain'. We always had the sacks and three legged race rubbers ready when we were out and about just in case any of the kids got a little restless. They loved those times. We also had grass sleigh type chariot races, played 'elastics', 'cats whiskers', guiding the blind-folded walker, Twister, Hungry Hippos, UNO and craft.

When the parents came to pick up the children at the end of the four days they were amazed that the children hadn't touched a computer game in that time. They all made good friends and went home happy and tired….. Not one asked to use the Ipads. Only two thought to ask to ring Mum and Dad on the last night.

I hope these old fashioned interactive games stay with future generations for happy children who can communicate face-to-face.

All the best
Louise Hendriks
Volunteer, Camp Breakaway

Good Morning Lindy
Further to your request for feedback on your Party Games in a Pack I'm happy to say they've been extremely successful. Wyong Preschool has used the party games pack for large group games with preschoolers aged 3-5 years over the past 5 months and have found the children enthusiastically participated following the rules and waiting their turn as they engaged in the action. This has benefitted not only their physical development but their ability to listen, follow-directions, take turns and engage in social co-operative play.

Thank you so much for introducing them to me. We might have to order another one when this pack wears out!

Sue Jarrett
Director - Wyong Preschool

Just a note to let you know your party games in a pack was brilliant at my recent house-warming party.

After a few hours of guests meeting and mingling (and kids clinging onto their parent's shirts) I decided to break out the party games.

With that, everybody ventured outside and within a very short period of time, both the children and the adults were laughing, talking & scrambling into sacks; into the 3-legged bands; playing with the mini-beanbags (some games I actually recalled from my own child-hood); donning their belts & tails and having the time of their lives.

It was a great way to get all the kids interacting and meeting each other, and the parents also started laughing and chatting about their children, so by the end of the day, everybody was a lot more relaxed and friendly.

Thank you again for helping make my special day so memorable for me and my guests! Quite a few of them commented on, and enquired after your party game pack and I was only too pleased to pass on your information.

In gratitude, Marion Rouvas

The first time my kids tried the party games, they were hooked. We had so much fun as a family playing together. When we were worn out, the kids continued playing on their own, giving us time to catch up with the other adults. The kids talked about the party for weeks, and still say it was the best party they have ever been to. The kits are great quality and such good value for money. We don't just use ours for parties, but the kids drag them out when we have play dates. A great investment, giving you and your children hours of good old fashioned fun!!!

Donna & John McDonald - parents to Jackson 12 and Charli 7

I think the party games are awesome. The first time I used the tail game I knew I wanted them. It is so much fun chasing your friends around and beating your little sister. My mates all like playing too. It's good to have something to do when your mum says "go outside and play". It's cool.

Jackson McDonald - 12 years

Hi Lindy, I just thought I'd write and let you know that we used the birthday pack for our son's recent birthday party and the kids loved the games. They were outside running around playing for the whole of the party time. The instructions that came with the pack offered some great ideas for games to play too (which was great as, at previous parties we've struggled to come up with different games to play). It was so refreshing to see my kids having a great time playing some of the same good old fashioned games I did as a kid.

We have even used some of the games since the party to get our kids off the Xbox and outside to have some fun and get some exercise. In a nutshell - the kids loved your games pack.

Graham Trigg

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