Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How durable are the components & can they be washed?

A. I specifically had the jumping sacks manufactured from high quality polyester due to its durability, ease of laundering and fade resistance; and sewn with a high quality thread. I have personally used these sacks at parties and found that the mud and grass stains just needed a bit of a soak in Napisan prior to washing, and they came up like new. I can honestly say that they didn't even need ironing. I would still advise, as a precautionary measure, to wash the sacks individually the first time just in case the colours run but, after that, just throw them into the machine on a warm-wash/cold rinse cycle. Bear in mind that any sewn article with seams will only tolerate reasonable pressure before the seam is affected. I have been advised by the manufacturer that the polyester material is extremely durable and resists ripping, but common-sense must prevail - obviously with extreme wear & tear the material and/or seams might weaken. I haven't experienced this yet and believe me when I say my sacks have been given a workout!

The 3-legged loop bands are made from Latex Rubber and, once again, I was told by the manufacturer that they are extremely durable and flexible. They are able to be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed - but please note that they are NOT to be dried in direct hot sun.

The belt section of the Tail-Tags game can be hand-washed but please DO NOT wash the tail section. As this game can be quite a physical game and there can be extreme pressure applied when dislodging the tail from the belt, I am unable to guarantee that some openings in the seams won't appear. I would like to think that sewing skills haven't been lost throughout the generations though and all it might take would be a needle and thread and two minutes of your time doing a spot of repair work. Obviously I would love to think that this won't be necessary... but remember... where there's children involved - anything could happen!!

I had the mini-beanbags manufactured out of canvas material as I was told this was the most durable of fabrics for this purpose. I don't recommend that they be washed, but if it becomes absolutely necessary I suggest washing them in a bucket of warm soapy water, rinsing them, and laying them in the sun to dry. Some fading might occur during the process.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Hamlyn Terrace on The Central Coast of NSW.

Q. Am I able to phone you and arrange pickup to avoid the Postage & Handling Charge?

Yes, by all means, phone the number provided on this page or send an email advising that you would like to purchase a Party Games in a Pack; provide your name and contact phone number and I will get back to you to discuss a suitable time.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

A. If you find a faulty component has slipped through our quality control during the packing process, then we apologise sincerely and request that you email us at to arrange for a replacement or refund. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on faulty components but, due to the nature of the games played, we cannot offer any guarantees or replacements on components that have been broken due to extreme use or unreasonable or long-term wear & tear.

Enquiries:    •    Telephone 0420 287 810    •    Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259 Australia
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