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Party Games in a Pack is proudly donating 8% of their profits to support the efforts of International Children's Care Australia in their quest to alleviate poverty, build a brighter future for destitute children in developing countries and instigate movement towards sustainability.

Programs, which will eventually become virtually self-supporting programs, are being implemented so they can become drivers and catalysts of social and economic change in communities. ICC Australia is currently implementing what they call their Lighthouse Model in which their aim is to develop industries and other income generation programs that make the village as close to self-sustaining as possible and one which shares their resources and benefits with the surrounding community.

ICC Australia's initiatives include:

• increasing awareness of nutrition and child health issues
• developing community-based housing and agriculture
• funding microfinance programs and other income generation initiatives
• mentoring and capacity building in rural schools
• promoting the rights of the child
• working to minimise risk of trafficking for vulnerable children and young people
• capacity building for child-focussed local and community groups
• improving family and children's services in communities

ICC Australia works within communities to build and empower the entire community.

On a personal note, my two children were fortunate to enjoy their childhood without suffering fear, hunger and trauma - I wish the same for ALL children of the world.

By donating to ICC Australia we CAN make a difference. Actually - we ARE making a difference!

Enquiries:    •    Telephone 0420 287 810    •    Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259 Australia

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